CSI Certifications

‚ÄčCDT Update-

There have been significant changes to the CDT Certification. First of all, there is a new Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG) Second Edition. Also new, the CDT is no longer a lifetime Certificate, but is a 3-year renewal cycle CERTIFICATION with continuing education requirements. If you currently hold a CDT, the 3-year renewal period begins July 1, so the first renewal year will be 2021. If you hold an advanced Certification, some of the continuing education credits you accumulate for your advanced Certification may also qualify for the CDT Continuing Education requirements. Continuing education credits are self reporting on Institute's website. Those with an advanced Certification are not required to maintain their CDT Certification, but they may if they wish.

Also new, the CDT Certification is no longer a prerequisite for the advanced Certifications.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?
Please contact Institute with questions regarding exam registration, ordering new materials, etc. You may contact me with general questions. My contact information is below.


Jerry Marquette, CSI, CDT, CCPR
Metro Detroit CSI Certification Chair
Cell: 248.736.8783